Shamanic Trauma Healing

This healing is a powerful shamanic ritual that I have learned from my education with Chief Dancing Thunder. According to this tradition, healing only occurs at the spiritual level, outside of the material world, because it is a place of no resistance.

From this meta perspective, traumas are unconscious, unbearable and unspeakable living memories that are constantly projected in someone’s life. Most of the time, the actual memory of the event is unknown to the individual. The traumatic experience is “on hold” on the energetic level, not totally grounded in physical awareness but fully connected to the energetic structure of the person. The “individuated spirit” is waiting for a conscious release of the energetic charge that was formed at the moment of the traumatic event. These energetic memories are also “sacred” on the spirit level.

The healing occurs from spirit to spirit in a “de-animated” state, the shamanic physiological state where healing can be accessed and processed. Trauma can be viewed like a “holographic imprint” and healing means in this context to move the energetic imprint out of the physical reality, so it doesn’t impact the physical realm anymore but is kept and not forgotten on the spirit level.

This ritual is a safe and symbolically powerful procedure to “take a step” when one feels stuck, or when similar unpleasant situations tend to repeat over and over.

You will be lying on a table, listening to the drum, while I will guide you through the different steps of the ritual. Sometime, physical sensations, images can occur but most of the time, you will feel deeply relaxed, oscillating between conscious and unconscious states.

You will not re-enact a traumatic memory in this ritual.

However it is important to be quiet and calm for the next hours after the ritual.

Please contact me if you think this ritual could help you