A journey into archetype “The Work” of Byron Katie and “Continuum Movement based exploration France 10-17 June 2017

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A week to gather knowledge about the Feminine and Masculine principles from the perspective of Nature. 

I am inviting you to experience a week of co-creative partnership with the intelligences of Nature. Working in co-creative partnership with Nature implies communication on both ends. This is the basis of Shamanism, the communication with other forms of consciousness. 99% of us have lost this ability that we all have at birth, because it wasn’t developed or educated.

However, we certainly can activate some forms of communication skills through our sensory-based perception “the guts” feeling, the electrical system with kinesiology or “direct communication” by awakening the psychic centers. You do not need to be a medium or a psychic to communicate with Nature although these faculties seem to increase while working of-creatively.

We will set up a “classroom” and ask the realms of nature their insights about the living principles of the Masculine and the Feminine. These principles seem to permeate many domains of life expression. The versatility of expression in Nature is stunning! Have you heard of this 500 years old male tree shifting into a female version few years ago? Nature related tribes like in Native Americans culture honours the “two Spirits” people. Furthermore like the Yin and Yang in Taoism, these principles seem to be the key to life energy and to balance.

Moreover, when we look at how we are carrying in our families lineage the distortion of the masculine and feminine powers, or how family dynamic have accommodate with very dysfunctional embodiment of male and female expression, with so much repression, shame or abuse.

This inability to ground in our lives a fully genuine expression of the masculine and feminine principles have created a field holding us back into a primitive state of being. Events in the world today illustrate this imbalance dramatically.

There is a lot to explore, to heal and to transform. The good news is that we are not alone with this issue; Nature and her kingdoms have their say.

But we first have to understand what these principles are, what they stand for and how to manipulate them, that is the purpose of this week of co-creative partnership.

The “classroom” with Nature and the Subtle Realms.

The set up for this retreat holds a particular Intent for Co-Creation. Beings from Nature’ s kingdoms, Guides, Ancestors and Beings from the Star Nations related to this Intent often tend to be on the communication line with us. They will assist our understanding of Nature’s teachings and co-create situations, realisations, and experiences in order for us to gain knowledge, transformation and move further in our evolution.

Be ready for the unexpected, the extraordinary in the most mundane context, and a little stretch for the intellectual mind. Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride, the subtle realms of nature don’t lack humour and joy!!!

I have been holding co-creative retreat for 8 years now and I am amazed each time about the amount of knowledge that is given.  It is truly magic to witness how each participant, no matter their background, holds pieces of the puzzle that is unfolding as the awareness process moves forward. Co-creation is a path toward self-empowerment and the realisation that we all need each other to move further faster.

We will be lucky to experience the fall equinox, a particularly powerful alignment for co-creative work. For this retreat, a theme has been suggested: sexual preferences in spiritual work will be addressed, recognised and honoured as part of the healing and balancing of the feminine and masculine powers of earth and its inhabitants.

Co-creation is a perspective that acknowledges life as a web of inter-relation between everything

Consult the blueprint [content] of the retreat

To register go to the Kalikalos website: http://www.kalikalos.org/cocreative-awareness

The price 450€/450€ includes the food, the accommodation in shared rooms and the teachings. Look at the different options for single room or tent. The affordable price is balanced by helping with cooking, cleaning gardening for 4-6h during the week [Karma Yoga].

I post this links as introductory material to the retreat, have a look and don’t hesitate to email me if you have any question!

About Co-Creative Science by Machaelle Small Wright: http://www.perelandra-ltd.com/-W34.aspx

About working with Subtle realms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjT3NN0vL0A

About “Two Spirits” in north american shamanism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYGxZL870ZE&feature=youtu.be

About Cayce’ readings of Atlantean figures: http://www.mcmillinmedia.com/atlantean-aczine/

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Summer retreat 2015 Ile d’Aix FR

Soon, we have our next Summer retreat 2015, Ile d’Aix, 17123 France

Dates: 1-2 August, (3)-4-5 August 2015

Co-creative practices Love and Communication from Nature perspective

Intentional content of the 4 days:

1-Definition: a retreat in Ile d’Aix, for opening our awareness to the understanding of nature intelligences and co-creative processes around the concepts of Love and Communication.

2- direction:

– Creating a safe and supporting learning environment.

-Teachings co-created from nature intelligences and from human consciousness.

-Connecting with the new spiritual energies, spirituals ancestors and animal spirits of this time. -Connecting with power places.

-Activating our human potential for co-creative partnership.

-Establishing partnership with others realities / dimensions of intelligence and existence.

-Co-creating good and friendly conditions for this gathering

-Mastering new skills according to everyone’s spiritual gifts in pursuing our spiritual path.

-Spiritual cleansing of the old beliefs and behavioral patterns.

3-purpose: process of personal transmission from the higher realms. Cleansing of old beliefs. Updating the understanding of realities. For our personal growth and the understanding of our spiritual destiny. Process of empowerment. To bring this knowledge out into the world. To transform ourselves into higher functioning beings.

The intent is to offer a frame that will profit individuals’ own development through experiencing the co- creative relationship with Nature.

Here definition of Nature from Machaelle Small Wright:

http://www.perelandra- ltd.com/PDF/PP11_What_is_Nature_Intelligence.pdf

The setting is based on a Coning (a strange name for a simple setting linking Human consciousness and Nature intelligences) read more here: http://www.perelandra-ltd.com/About- Conings-W68.aspx

This gathering is free, it is not a workshop, everyone is responsible for his or her own need, we are limited to 13 people, we cook and share cost for food, we can camp and gather in a private terrain. Contact me for more info. Sylvainmeret21@gmail.com

Travel info: trains to La Rochelle or Rochefort, Flight from Brussel Chareloi with Ryanair to La Rochelle, ferry to Ile d’Aix from Fouras or La Rochelle.