The Continuum Sounds of Breath and Movement, alchemical dance between Spirit and Body in a world of lead


My journey with Continuum Movement started earlier in 2010 in Israel during a “Mystery School” retreat, led by Emilie Conrad, the founder of this practice.
I knew little about Continuum, just that it was a somatic inquiry supposed to help chronic pain or physical injuries. I was interested in somatic since I started my dance education, and I had experienced different approaches, such as Body Mind Centering, the Feldenkrais method, Qi Gong, Yoga, and so on…
I was striving to heal my body, as critical physical issues were limiting my future as a dance artist, and I knew intuitively that this healing was encompassing much more than the physical dysfunctions. Emotional, mental and spiritual matters would show up in this process.
On the first day, as I was helping to set up the room for the workshop, on the border of the Galilee Sea, I suddenly felt a presence watching over me. In my felt remembrance, it was similar to a spiraling breath, moving, seeing, and penetrating everything in this room.
A second later, at the door, stood this woman, radiant, full of life and fierce. With this weird and intense sensation of being seen like never before, I was meeting Emilie Conrad.
To me, she embodied the living alchemy of the Eye of the Spirit in a friendly and engaging way.
emilie-conradFrom this beautiful woman, yet in her mid seventieth, emanated waves of fluid motion penetrating matter, body, personal history, psyche, atoms, cells and molecules.
Through her, the Eternal was breathing. Inhaling Form, exhaling the dissolution of Form. Rhythmically and cyclically, transforming the physical world into a constant process of renewal and regeneration.
Emilie’s presence was all that, and that was her teaching, a life long inquiry, the history of Continuum Movement.



Continuum is a prayer. Nothing religious though, but a longing for meeting the fluid resonance of the Spirit penetrating the material world.

The invocation occurs through breath and vocal sounds, touching with their vibrations the vast web of connective tissues and all the waters and fluids present in our bodies. All sounds are waves motions carrying frequencies of information; Emilie would say that the physical world is a consolidation in time and space of these waves, a balanced and stabilized orchestration in forms of the frequencies of the universe. Our body stores information, memories, personal and transpersonal histories through neuro electrical circuits and water. The water that composes 75% of our physical body vibrates according to the resonant field of the universe and all the contextual events, and narratives happening on the planet. That is where we get stuck, where trauma and stress shape our bodies and mind into survival modes. Breath becomes disrupted; body tissues and behaviors are locked into repetitive/degenerative patterns. It feels like lead.

flyer Micadanse avril 2020

The alchemy of sound and breath in Continuum, vibrating in making the “Theta Breath”, the “Petals O”, or the “Lunar Breath” will generate waves motions in our bodily tissues, informing our bio-systems that we are part of the vast world of Nature. We can let go of form, of personal history, and of dictatorial authority…like living water finding its way trough rocks and hard matter. Always making its way through, no matter what. The bio-intelligence of fluid movements creates alternate systems. Living forms that pulsate, undulate and spiral through the embryonic mandala of creation, the human fetus, the emerging fern, the solar system or the movement of water twirling down the syphon…
The invocation of sound and breath respond throughout the body with sensations and movements. That is the way the bio-intelligence communicates. Like a dance, the body starts to undulate, serpentine motions, reconnection of lost limbs, flooding arid and desert parts of our body with new moistened drops of living water. The body can release its mental, emotional and physical toxins, the bio-intelligence of waves motions will move through, healing the wounds and the scars, allowing for cosmic and primordial connections. We then reach the universal, bodily tissues being the matrix.
The alchemy feels delicious, ecstatic, sensual, and sometimes unbearable due to foreign sensations, the loss of the original resonance. This alchemy is in its nature rejuvenation and medicine.
The lead is compression of time and space, holding trauma, stress, and personal history in deep tissues. Another metaphor for lead represents the social straitjacket of bodily concepts such as fitness or workout, limiting the expression of how we move creatively and gracefully through life.


The mystery school retreat in Israel was about the embodiment of the symbolism of the Ouroboros, the Eternal Return.
We learned a sequence using specific arrangement of sounds, breaths, mapping the body with soft touches for opening the layers of bodily tissues. The room was filled with a carpet of sounds, vibratory field supporting the unfolding process of Returning to an Eternal place, the home of all species, the yolk of continual re-creation. I am engaging my tongue into making a circular path in my mouth while humming; this feels very ancient, slow, and archaic. I go into “Open Attention”, the receptacle in which we receive the Grail, the nectar of SENSATIONS.

My system shifts and starts to undulate from the ground, a very old place of power. I spit fire, I shape shift into the old creature: Dragon I am, in this place, out of time, in the middle of these people, on the seaside of Galilee. Ancient waves keep on surfing my spine, my core.
I asked Emilie: “What is that?” She looked at me and replied with a smile: “It’s an Initiation, it’s pretty good!”, while I was recovering from this very unusual somatic experience.
This was my entrance into the mystery that was carried and brought forth by this dark haired woman-scientist-artist-shaman-healer-dancer-visionary and ultimately human being.
Years passed, Emilie left us a couple of months ago with a flamboyant lesson of life: the absence of fear in front of Death. Egyptian_-_Gnostic_Gem_with_Scarab_-_Walters_42872

Ouroboros Egyptian – Gnostic Gem with Scarab © Walters Art Museum


June 2014, I am in the studio, in Santa Monica, CA, Emilie’s laboratory.

One afternoon, we dive, sound, move, suspend, inquiring the expression of the fluid wisdom. The alchemical Mystery manifests itself again: all cells, molecules, atoms in my body are penetrated, I am dissolving in the space, I am no longer matter, the breath of Spirit blows me into the quantum. It feels ecstatic, yet I am fully present, aware of the time and space.
My inner eye shows me a vision, a black curtain closes the room creating a dark chamber, in the center a God-like-Being lays in the shape of a sarcophagus.
I look at its face, which looks like the embodiment of a “sensory system”, anthropomorphic, Hathor’s ears.
Above its heart a delicate, unknown device, resembling a feather, rotating and spiraling. The God Being emits a sound, which is carried through the actual sound present in the room made by the group.
I hear it, but I am not able to describe it.
I do know it is the Sound-Song composing all-the-Feelings-of-the-human-specie. In this depth, I hear “You have lost your Song!” Tears fall, I cannot stop the watery flooding, even when I write this, it is still with me. How comes, that we lost our Original Song?
How did we lose the templates of feelings representing who we are?


It was Emilie’s belief that we are at a time where we need to make a choice in our own evolution:
What is the future of the human specie?
What are we envisioning? In an everyday more technological and controlled world, the question arises bit by bit, every second: are we becoming robots? Are we muting into a specie that replaces bio-organic components with new composite materials, implanted electronic chips under the skin, or software penetrating the intimacy of our body?
That future would sing differently on this planet from that created by our ancestors. The alchemical outcome will be certainly very different between these two directions. Are we part of the evolutionary process of the Earth?
Are we searching for our original Song?
The stakes are the understanding of fluid resonance and living tissues. Some scientists, such as Mae Wan Ho or Gerald Pollack, have begun to seriously inquire the field.

I have chosen my path: I am following Emilie’s last words that she said in her last class:
“I will never give up my humanness”.

Touché et Contiunuum



“Immersion into the fluid mystery” 19-21 June 2020 Prague CZ

Continuum fluid mystery.jpeg

As planetary beings thriving for our own evolution, we have set up, as a culture, rituals and initiations to transcend the limitation of our current existence. We have done this probably since the ice age in caves and natural temples, where the sacred and the values of life were carved on the walls and celebrated. We have created spaces and chambers for regeneration, and transcendental experiences that would bridge our earthly experiences with the vastest of the cosmos. Before the mind separated our full awareness of the meaning of living on earth as a human being, the knowing that we are part of all existences was there.

In our current development, we are profoundly lacking these types of spaces. The external reality has taken over our awareness into a materialistic world of values. Some of us long for a deeper connection to life and a fulfilled existence.

Continuum is an entrance to the vast web of existence, using sounds, breaths, movement sequences, intentions or images to access the richness of conscious intelligences.
These three days will be an immersion into the fluid mystery moving inside our cells and bodily tissues. We are about re-informing our whole cellular crystalline structure with the living resonance that pulsate throughout the universe.

These three days include a 24h round of practice around the summer solstice.
Continuum experience is required due to the depth and intense sensory immersion.

Jánská 8
118 00 Prague CZ

Time : Friday 10:00-12:30 lunch 14:00-17:00
Saturday 10:00-13:00 lunch 14:30 going into silence
All nighter
Sunday 15:00 breaking silence – ending 17:00

Everyone is invited to bring a potluck for food for Saturday night dinner, Sunday breakfast and lunch. Bring some light and nourishing food.

For the comfort bring an extra mattress or soft blanket to put underneath, a sleeping bag and a pillow. Bring a scarf or tissue to cover your eyes.

A towel if you want to refresh under the shower.
Please do not use mobile phone or computer during the retreat (especially Saturday / Sunday)


Nouvelle vidéo sur le Continuum en Français

Je suis heureux de pouvoir offrir cette contribution vidéo sur la pratique du Continuum. Il n’y a pour ainsi dire pas de documents en français sur l’histoire et le développement de cette pratique somatique innovante.

Voici donc une première pierre à l’édifice Continuum France qui je l’espère continuera de se développer dans les prochains mois et années à venir. Bon visionnage!

“Meeting with the Ancestors” Continuum gathering Prague 2-3 November 2019

A somatic & Shamanic exploration

In this workshop, we will use sound, breath and movement to dive into the realm of our fluid origin. Life sprung on earth millions years ago, Emilie Conrad, the founder of Continuum Movement said that we, the human specie, are an extension of this planetary process. The process of forming lives through various kingdoms and species over eons is what shamans have called Knowledge, the Ancestors being all the living forms that developed and evolved over the earth’s timeline. They are the living memory of the earth but also key in the development of her future.

As everything else, we are part of this Knowledge and quite obviously, we have a special role in it, but at this time, it seems that we have forgotten a little our purpose. We look confused about our direction finders: what future do we want? Are we heading towards trans-humanism? Colonies on Mars? Technology or ecology? Are we going to survive climate change? At this moment, it is unknown, it doesn’t seem that we can grasp our potential future.

However, this process of forming life and unfolding Knowledge on the earth and in the universe is expanding into another phase at this time. Many ancient prophecies report it. We are currently observing, feeling the end of a world and the birthing of a new world. We live a time of deep transformation; we can see it in ourselves and through the reality around us. Like « the Mother », the partner of Sri Aurobindo wrote 50 years ago: we are on the edge of a new development, yet we don’t know what it is or how it will look like but it will take place through our bodies.

“Meeting the ancestors” will set up a space to experience this flow of Knowledge and to consciously embody what is happening on the bigger scale in this new phase of development of the planetary process. It is a quest that is inherently in every one of us. In ancient time we would meet the shamans in their caves, nowadays we gather with conscious awareness with the same tools in workshops.

Register: Facebook

Continuum workshop in Prague May 10-12 2019

Fluid resonance, a bridge between physiology and energy

A Continuum workshop with Sylvain Meret, CMT, RSMT, MA

In This Continuum movement® workshop, you will discover the powerful connection between breath, sound and movement as means to contact the fluid intelligence in our body, also called the fluid system. We are composed of 70 % water flowing through our cells, connective tissues, fascia, blood vessels, Lymph, eccetera… Scientists are starting to discover that the fluid system plays a major role in maintaining the body in good health. They are studying the implication of the fluid molecules in conducting physiological, electrical, and electromagnetic signals in acupuncture for instance.

During this workshop, we will explore through breaths, sounds and movement our perceptions of sensations and subtle energies in relationship to organs, glands and energy vortexes (chakras).

Continuum is a movement practice founded by somatic pioneer Emilie Conrad (1934-2014), a proposition to explore the powerful connection between breath, sound and movement and their effects on our body and mind. Continuum is an inquiry of what it means to be a human being in its full expression and in connection with our living environment. It is a path into the unknown aiming to the discovery of self and the mystery of life.

Friday 18:00-21:00

Saturday 10:00-13:00/ 15:00-18:00

Sunday 10:00-13:00/ 14:00-17:00

Contact Romana Ertlova:

Continuum retreat “Entering and exiting the dark chamber” July 8-12 2019 Bordeaux FR

This Continuum retreat will focus on a particular sensory space: darkness. In a world where artificial light and technological speed are more and more invasive and destabilizing for our nervous system, we will dive progressively and appropriately into the regenerative darkness.
Found in Taoism and other spiritual traditions, this practice helps to lessen the influx of sensory stimulation to be more attentive to our inner world and by this absence of external light, to illuminate our being from inside.
We will focus upon the  “mystical within the mundane of everyday life”.

This course is intended for people having a somatic practice, meditation and wishing to deepen their self-knowledge.
Hours: 13h – 18h from Monday to Friday
Price: € 300 (€ 260 if registered before April 15, 2019)
Please bring a yoga mattress, a light blanket, a meditation cushion and a soft but opaque headband for your eyes.

Chambre obscure

Cette retraite de Continuum sera axée sur un espace sensoriel particulier : l’obscurité. Dans un monde où la lumière artificielle et la vitesse technologique est de plus en plus envahissante et déstabilisante pour notre système nerveux, nous nous plongerons progressivement et de manière adaptée dans le noir régénérateur.

Cette pratique ancienne, que l’on retrouve chez les taoïstes et dans d’autres traditions spirituelles consiste à amoindrir l’influx de stimulations sensorielles pour être davantage attentif à notre monde intérieur. Il s’agit aussi, par cette absence de lumière extérieure, d’illuminer notre être de l’intérieur. Dans ces traditions, on se réfère à l’activité de la glande pinéale du système endocrinien qui agit sur le cycle circadien à travers la mélatonine, et une production de DMT, substance cristalline produisant des visions.

Il s’agira donc de s’immerger progressivement dans cette chambre obscure, le studio du Cerisier, et de se bander les yeux lors des plongées propres à la pratique du Continuum. Nous aurons des protocoles adaptés pour entrer et sortir chaque jour de cet espace obscure. En adaptant cette pratique ancestrale à notre mode de vie moderne, nous joignons l’expérience « mystique dans le quotidien ordinaire ».

A travers des sons, des souffles et des mouvements inhérents aux fluides de nos tissus corporels, nous éveillerons notre attention somato-sensorielle profonde et focaliserons sur les forces qui régulent notre physio-biologie afin de nous mouvoir vers l’état d’homéostasie.

Ce stage est destiné aux personnes ayant une pratique corporelle, ou de méditation et souhaitant approfondir leur connaissance de soi.

Horaires : 13h – 18h du lundi au vendredi

Tarif : 300 € (260 € si inscription avant le 15 avril 2019)

Veuillez apporter un matelas de yoga, une couverture légère, un coussin de méditation et un bandeau souple mais opaque pour vos yeux.

Merci d’envoyer un cheque d’arrhes de 75 € pour réserver votre place à S. Méret 3A chemin du calvaire 33360 Camblanes

Places limitées à 12 personnes.

Renseignements et inscription : Sylvain Méret 06 10 13 43 60 /

Sylvain Méret, RSMT, CM, MA

Fasciné par les possibilités créatives de corps humain et du mouvement en particulier, Sylvain a reçu une formation artistique universitaire, suivie par les Beaux Arts de Bordeaux, et l’école de danse contemporaine P.A.R.T.S. Il travaille en tant qu’artiste chorégraphique, performeur, et enseignant du mouvement depuis 20 ans. Après une rencontre décisive en 2010 avec Emilie Conrad, fondatrice du Continuum Movement, il se forme aux aspects thérapeutiques du mouvement somatique et dansé, master international en danse thérapie (CODARTS, Rotterdam). Il se consacre à l’étude du  Continuum auprès d’Émilie jusqu’à sa mort en 2014. Il est enseignant certifié de Continuum Movement®, praticien de « Continuum Wellspring« , praticien « Moving Cycle » thérapie psychocorporelle de C. Caldwell, « Body as a Voice » polyvagal informed dance therapy avec Amber Gray, traitement des  traumatismes et chocs psychocorporels. Par ailleurs, Sylvain est nourri des enseignements traditionnels chamaniques de Chief Dancing Thunder depuis 2009.


Retraite de Continuum Movement® avec Sylvain Meret « Incubation – Gestation »

27-28-29 décembre 2019 au Cerisier, Bordeaux

13:00 – 18:00

Je vous invite à venir vous ressourcer avec la pratique du Continuum, pour terminer cette année en ayant intégré toutes nos expériences passées et préparer notre corps et notre esprit pour 2019.

Le continuum c’est quoi ?

Le Continuum est une exploration somatique, fondée par une danseuse américaine Émilie Conrad, pionnière dans la découverte du système des fluides du corps humain et de son implication sur notre existence corporelle et sur la santé.

La pratique se fait en combinant des séquences de mouvements jouant avec la gravité, des souffles et sons vocaux favorisant l’éveil des fluides et leurs circulations dans certains schémas corporels et systèmes anatomiques.

Le Continuum est une écologie du corps, une philosophie, une pratique de guérison et d’écoute sensorielle profonde.

A quoi cela sert il ?

La recherche scientifique actuelle découvre l’importance des mouvements des fluides dans les fascias et des tissus conjonctifs pour maintenir la santé. Loin de la pensée réductionniste et séparatiste, le système des fluides est un champ morphogénique résonant qui connecte les différents systèmes entre eux. C’est à la fois le liant, le milieu et l’état constitutif de la matière qui permet au vivant de s’épanouir, de s’adapter et d’évoluer.

C’est pourquoi beaucoup de traditions anciennes convoquent le son, le chant, le souffle et le mouvement qui activent le système des fluides dans les cérémonies et les rituels. Les anciens savaient déjà cela.

Le thème du stage :

La pratique du Continuum est indissociable du contexte de nos existences. Nous vivons un dans un monde de séparation, où nos sens sont stimulés et dirigés par une technologie qui réduit notre perception. Nous vivons à travers nos écrans mais oublions notre réalité physiologique, il y a une forte dissociation entre le temps technologique rapide et le corps physiologique plus lent. Cela affecte beaucoup notre système nerveux et tous les systèmes du corps ; en particulier la respiration et les fluides, qui vont stagner, perdre leur capacité à se régénérer, et à s’organiser en systèmes cohérents. Les maladies comme le cancer (incohérence cellulaire) et dégénératives comme Alzheimer, Parkinson, ou les polyarthrites sont symptomatiques de ces états de dégénérescence, de dessèchement et de chaos de nos eaux internes.

Il nous faut nous reconnecter à notre corps et aux intelligences du vivant qui sont à l’oeuvre sur terre et nous ont permis d’évoluer depuis plus de 100 000 ans.

Le thème de ce stage « Incubation-gestation » est une exploration inspirée de l’embryologie et de pratique de régénération sacrées ancestrales. En convoquant les liquides matriciels nous pouvons permettre une réorganisation, une reconfiguration de notre système nerveux : mise en place d’un nouveau départ.

A l’image de la respiration cellulaire : baigné dans une eau hautement activée par l’oxygénation des mitochondries au cours de l’inspiration de la cellule, les molécules rentrent pour informer et nourrir le noyau, et puis sur le mouvement expiratoire les toxines et les déchets sont reconduits vers l’extérieur de la cellule pour être éliminés.

C’est le mouvement même de la vie, un rythme pulsatoire, qui devenu chaotique dans nos vies car notre culture ne valorise que l’inspiration, et nous oublions ce temps nécessaire d’expiration, de dissolution, de lâcher prise et d’introspection qui permet l’émergence d’un changement profond.

C’est pourquoi la pratique du Continuum est une réponse possible aux challenges de notre époque. Elle répond parfaitement à cette nécessité d’être synchronisé et résonnance avec les intelligences du vivant pour traverser cette période actuelle de changement planétaire.

Avec qui ?

Sylvain Méret, RSMT, CM, MA

Fasciné par les possibilités créatives de corps humain et du mouvement en particulier, Sylvain a reçu une formation artistique universitaire, suivie par les Beaux Arts de Bordeaux, et l’école de danse contemporaine P.A.R.T.S. Il travaille en tant qu’artiste chorégraphique, performeur, et enseignant du mouvement depuis 20 ans. Après une rencontre décisive en 2010 avec Emilie Conrad, fondatrice du Continuum Movement, il se forme aux aspects thérapeutiques du mouvement somatique et dansé  avec un master international en danse thérapie (CODARTS, Rotterdam), et se consacre à l’étude du  Continuum auprès d’Émilie jusqu’à sa mort en 2014. Il est enseignant certifié de Continuum Movement®, praticien de « Continuum Wellspring« , praticien « Moving Cycle » thérapie psychocorporelle de C. Caldwell, « Body as a Voice » polyvagal informed dance therapy avec Amber Gray, traitement des  traumatismes et chocs psychocorporels.


Réservez votre place en envoyant un chèque de 40 euro à Sylvain Meret 3A chemin du calvaire 33360 Camblanes.

Le cout du stage est de 180 euros.

Adresse: Le Cerisier 11 rue joseph Brunet 33000 Bordeaux arrêt Tram B brandebourg

Le stage est ouvert aux personnes ayant déjà une expérience de Continuum, ou d’une pratique somatique ou fortement motivés. Il s’agit d’une exploration intensive de la pratique.

Contact: / 06 10 13 43 60

Important: Veuillez amener un tapis de yoga, un duvet ou une couverture assez grande et un coussin de méditation.


Retreat in the beautiful nature of Slovakia 1 – 4 July 2018

Continuum Movement® and Cranio-sacral self-care
/ with Sylvain Meret and Martin Ďuriš


Beginning on Sunday at 16:00 in Brána, if you come from abroad, Martin will assist you to find the right travel connection to get there and will pick you up in Zaježová, then we have to walk there, it is on the top of the mountains/hills!:)
We finish on Wednesday at 13:00

Program will depend on the weather and the process of the group. We will spend time indoors but also outdoors. Please bring quality trekking clothes.

Price: 280 euro (includes accomodation and food)

Registration: , 00421 949 141 025

We look forward to meet you in Brána! 🙂

Sylvain and Martin

water-955929_1280During this retreat, we aim to address the issues around self-care. Whether we are therapists, clients, or just regular folks, self-care is our life insurance in today’s world challenges. Without this consciousness, our health is in the hand of the random and chaotic forces that our cultures have developed.
One of the mission statement of Continuum Movement® has been to bring back an awareness around self care through a practice that involves a deep attention to our sensation as a “first order experience”, meaning the most direct sensory information, without the cognitive, emotional or behavioral filters.
By being attentive to our sensations, we become more aware of our own need, and we give a counterpart to the cultural assumption that the health of our body is in the hand of an external opinion.
Many of our society constructs are about to give our own power away to be fed by external “expertise”, not saying that we don’t need doctors or specialists, but rather that we can take care of ourselves and maintain health, balance and creativity.
In Continuum we use specifics breaths, vocal sounds, movement sequences and visualization to awaken what we call the fluid system, the presence of 70 % of water flowing throughout the body (connective tissues, blood, lymph, CSF…). We invoke the intelligence of nature, as a resonant field that not only connect us to the earth but to all species and beyond to the universe.
The fluid system seems to play an important role in rejuvenation by enhancing and producing more fluid activity and hydrating our body. We could say that aging is dehydration process. Movement and sound (or vibration) are two powerful mediums to engage with organic activities. Combined with touch, visualization and attention, they form the basis of the practice of Continuum.
During this week, we will explore, experience and embody these concepts in combination with Cranio-Sacral principles.
We will particularly look at bodily tissues, how touch, sounds and breath can shift rigidified or dense tissue through the awakening of fluid activity.

Sylvain Meret:

Coming from an eclectic curriculum in Visual Arts (BA), Contemporary Dance (p.a.r.t.s.) , somatic and Dance Therapy (Master degree), Sylvain has been active as a performer, choreographer and teacher, working in a range of contemporary and experimental styles, collaborating with many different artists in Europe and Asia. Along side his dance carrier, he was drawn to enter the inner realms of the Body and to explore the creative and spiritual potential that lies within us.
Sylvain studied a wide range of somatic, therapeutic and spiritual modalities. He is a continuum Movement® teacher, wellspring practitioner, “Moving cycle” practitioner (C. Caldwell), and dance therapist, member of Ismeta.. He has a background in Qi Gong with Master Li Jung Feng, BMC® and Feldenkrais and has been initiated to Shamanism with Chief dancing Thunder since 2009. He is currently studying with Amber Gray in her program for survivors of trauma.

Sylvain teaches workshops, classes, retreats and private sessions with a variety of clients and groups on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. Living in France and traveling the world, His endeavor is to explore our human potential through embodiment in connection and co-creative partnership with the field of Intelligences weaving our reality.

“ The real gift of this work, which emphasizes an opening to direct communication and direct knowledge, is to reclaim our bodies, sensations and consciousness to further our sovereignty and self-empowerment”. S.M.

Martin Ďuriš:

is yoga/movement therapist and cranio-sacral therapist. He graduated in 2010 with a Health & Physical Activity Foundation Degree (FdA) from the Bolton University in the UK. This program utilizes the health promoting principles of sport, fitness, physical activity, nutrition and psychology – to prevent and alleviate a number of conditions. �Martin finished the Svastha Yoga Therapy Programme in 2014 with Dr. Ganesh Mohan and Dr. Günter Niessen. The highlight of Svastha yoga´s approach is clarity and holistic approach. Combining traditional yoga with a wide spectrum of modern medicine and ayurveda. He is a student of Grof´s Transpersonal Training which combines the Holotropic Breathwork, Transpersonal psychology and integrative methods leading to the empowering of individuals and communities.
Martin focuses on the combination of yoga therapy, movement/dance therapy and the health promotion. His main aim is to promote and explore new ways of looking at the human body and all which human being contain.


Continuum Movement® weekend Prague, CZ republic, June 30 – July 1- 2018

« Activating our fluid potentials »

syl continuum embryo

Info and registration:

This 2 days workshop proposes to experience the activation of our fluid nature through embodiment and movement. Like our planet, our body is composed of approximately 70-75 % of water permeating through all bodily tissues (Blood, lymph, bones, organs, cells…) creating a particular system, which according to Emilie Conrad, the founder of Continuum, connects us through its fluid property to our biosphere and all eco-systems. Until recently the research on water, its behavior and presence in the body was not clearly understood, however, scientists are beginning to understand more about the role of fluid exchanges in the body and the research on fascia is particularly promising.

In the practice of Continuum, which is an experiential inquiry, bodily water and fluids function as a connective field for all chemical and electrical activities taking place in our body. We can experience this fluidity through movement responses like pulsations, undulations and spirals interpenetrating bodily layers and connecting our bodily parts. We can feel into the sensations of fluid expression and “ride the waves”.


In Continuum we suggest that the fluid medium act as an incubator for living processes. All life on earth begins in a watery container and reflects the process of the earth’s evolution. This process of billions years of adaptation and creativity is present in the sequencing of the embryo. That is as well our inspiration for the weekend’s theme.

Continuum is a movement practice born in the US with somatic pioneer Emilie Conrad (1934-2014), a proposition to explore the powerful connection between breath, sound and movement and their effects on our body and mind.

Although we could assume that the practices of breath, sound, consciousness and movement already existed as healing forms in past cultures, in our modern version we use a somatic setting: lying on a mat, sitting or using a chair, in combination with specific breaths, vocal sounds and movement sequences combined with a sustained attention to sensations.


About the teacher:

The workshop is guided by Sylvain Meret, certified Continuum Movement® teacher and Continuum Wellspring practitioner.

Born in France, Sylvain has an eclectic curriculum in Visual Arts (BA), Contemporary Dance (p.a.r.t.s.) and Dance Therapy (MA, Rotterdam). Since 1998, Sylvain has been active as a performer, choreographer and teacher, working in a range of contemporary and experimental styles, collaborating with many different artists in Europe and Asia. Along side his dance carrier, he was drawn to enter the inner realms of “the bodies” and to explore the creative and spiritual potential that lies within us.

Sylvain was educated in Shamanism with Chief dancing Thunder, Continuum with Emilie Conrad, Qi Gong with Master Li Jung Feng, “The moving cycle” with Christine Caldwell, master in Dance Therapy, Reiki, Anatomy Trains, Feldenkrais, BMC©…


He now teaches workshops, classes, retreats and private sessions using a broad range of modalities such as dance rituals, Continuum, shamanic healing, channeling, co-creative partnership or dance therapy. Sylvain has worked with a variety of clients and groups on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues.


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Exploration des Os avec le Continuum Movement® 18 mars 2018 Bordeaux

« Journée d’exploration des tissus osseux et des articulations avec le Continuum Movement® »

Ce stage sera axé sur l’expérience de l’activation du système des fluides du corps humain ainsi que de leurs mouvements en relation avec les tissus osseux. Nous explorerons l’impact du son et du souffle dans la matière spongieuse et cristalline de ces tissus corporels solides qui forment notre structure osseuse, afin d’y induire les notions de souplesse, résilience, nutriment et robustesse.

Nous explorerons en détails la relation articulaire et comment le système des fluides peut redonner cohérence à cette structure souvent mise à mal par nos habitudes posturales. On peut observer que le processus de vieillissement est une forme de déshydratation cellulaire et tissulaire, et que la répétition de gestes récurrents dans un schéma corporel clos (des habitudes liées à notre mode de vie moderne) devient un terrain favorable à la détérioration de ces mêmes tissus. Le Continuum est une invitation à stimuler les activités et les mouvements des fluides, comme le sang, la lymphe, le liquide céphalo- rachidien, la moelle osseuse, et les fluides intra et extra cellulaires afin de favoriser et de maintenir une hydratation et une circulation optimale de ce vaste réseau connectif.

Cette journée de pratique sera particulièrement intéressante pour les danseurs, acteurs ou pour les personnes, thérapeutes et autres travaillant en lien avec la structure osseuse.

Dimanche 18 mars 2018 au Cerisier, Bordeaux bacalan

Au Cerisier, 7-11 rue Joseph Brunet, 33000 Bordeaux

Horaires : 10 :30-17 :30 (avec une pause déjeuner auberge espagnole légère ! de 45 min)

Prix 80 euros (payable directement sur le site

Prévoir d’emmener un tapis de yoga, une grande couverture ou duvet, un coussin de méditation pour s’assoir, des vêtements confortables… Plus d’info au 06 10 13 43 60 ou par email

Réservation obligatoire par paiement paypal ou par chèque a Sylvain Meret les petites maisons 17123 Ile d’Aix


Le Continuum movement® a été fondé par Emilie Conrad (1934-2014) aux USA, et fait parti des pratiques somatiques. C’est une proposition explorant le lien puissant entre la respiration, le son vocalisé et des séquences de mouvements, et leurs effets sur le système des fluides. Le corps devient une porte d’entrée pour revisiter notre passé en tant qu’espèce terrestre, et l’inclusion de toutes les formes de vie depuis les origines. Le Continuum est une invocation du mystère de nos origines sur cette terre, et peut être au-delà à travers une expérience directe sensorielle. Si cela peut représenter une expérience mystique dans certaines traditions comme les Mystères des Temples d’Asclepius en Grèce, ou chez les ermites des grottes himalayennes, où les rituels de sons sacrés, de transes respiratoires, ou d’extase faisaient partis des moyens de connaître l’univers et de se guérir. Dans notre version plus moderne, nous utilisons un environnement somatique: allongé sur un tapis, assis ou en utilisant une chaise, en combinaison avec des respirations spécifiques, des sons vocaux et des séquences de mouvements. Le travail consiste à créer un champ de sons vibratoires en groupe induisant une résonnance potentielle avec les forces plus vastes des champs terrestres et cosmiques. Nous renouons aussi avec nos sensations internes, notre respiration et notre attention en mettant l’accent sur la conscience de soi. Par cette écoute interne, nous permettons à nos différent rythmes naturels et organiques de reprendre leur synchronisation, et par la même d’amener une relaxation profonde et de retrouver un mouvement homéostatique.