Summer retreat Ile d’Aix 2017

Welcome to this page. If you arrived until here, your intuition has definitely been your ally. This yearly retreat has been organised by Sylvain for almost 10 years now in Ile d’Aix, France. The original proposition is still relevant till now. It is about creating a working frame where we, the people, can experience Nature and align ourselves with the wisdom of the earth to learn about ourselves, our environment and what we are doing here at this time in the cycle of evolution. I called it “Co-Creative Awareness”.

A major input came in 2009 from the Nature research center founded by pioneer Machaelle Small Wright at Perelandra. We have been using co-creative principles such as developed at Perelandra to pursue our inquiry.

The human part is intending for the experience, lets call it a DDP [Definition-Direction-purpose]. It is written down in 3 parts: the Definition of “what” we intend, the Direction “the how” we want this to happen, the Purpose “the why” are we doing this.

Nature and the subtle realms respond to our intent all the time. That’s their job, giving “order, organisation and vitality” to maintain life and balance on all planes. In working in partnership, we develop a conscious relationship that serves both the human intent and the nature’s purpose. We learn from each others and when we understand everyone ways of functioning, we become co-creators. That is the purpose of this retreat: learning how do become co-creators.

Summer retreat 2017

8 to 12 July 2017 and 29 July to 1 August


4 days of co-creative classes given by Nature and the White Brotherhood about shamanic teachings, and their manifestation for the healing of the island as a model of partnership and evolution into the Aquarian era.


The classes are connected with the shamanic rituals taught to the Ta Ka Una Ey U clan to further our understanding and integration of this knowledge.

The setting will be for 8 people during each retreat.

The people will come from the clan, or similar level of understanding and capacity to receive this knowledge

The co-creative classes will be given from midday 8 July to midday 12 July, and 29 July to  1 august in Montresor, le Berlutas and the island

The classes will be ongoing when we open the coning until the closing of the coning.

The emphasis will be on co-creativity and the relationship with shamanism.

We welcome shamans and totems that can give true knowledge and transmission in light of healing work and cooperation between human and other life forms for the benefit of all.

We wish to experience the retreat in friendship, supportive and genuine partnership


Is to give each participants the experiential learning and the tools to integrate their shamanic education and find their true place for co-creating the reality that is unfolding at this time.

“Intention” is one of the form that the human spirit experiences through different realities such as the material reality [manifesting an art work, a painting, or anything that we create], the mental [ where we initiate plans and ideas for projects], but Intention also operates on the spirit level as we intent to experience a lifetime on this planet through different experiences. It is a higher perspective from which we can see patterns and recognise that our lives are not a random set of events. In order to see that we need to have enough Awareness though.

One of the major “outcome” during these years of summer retreat had been to develop Awareness.

Awareness brings Realisation, which brings Transformation, which brings Manifestation, which bring Materialisation.

if you have question or interest in taking part of this retreat, contact Sylvain