Summer Retreat

News: Summer Retreat Ile d’Aix 20-26 July 2016

Brief summary:

The summer retreat was one of the foundational event about the development of this work.

It started in 2008. In 2012 the work was taking another dimension by using a conscious framework known as a “Coning” and a DDP [definition, direction, purpose]. These terms come from Machaelle Small Wright in her work at Perelandra.

A coning is a dimensional build-up that creates the container and bridges the pathways for multi-levels communication.

It is quite simple to set up. It works with intentionality, and it creates a balanced and stable environment enabling connection between levels of nature intelligences and human consciousness.

The DDP [definition, direction, purpose] injects the human dynamic into the coning. It is the “human fuel” for the coning to function. It represents our intent, what we want to do, how we want it to happen and why are we wanting it to happen.

Example of the 2013 coning: Summer retreat 2013

Co-creative practices


1-Definition: a retreat in Ile d’Aix, aiming to deepen the participant’s knowledge, and understanding of nature and co-creativity, energies and spirituals realms.

2- direction:

  • -Teaching from nature
  • -Developing skills to communicate with nature
  • -Connecting with ancestors
  • -Connecting with spiritual energies, spirituals ancestors and animal spirits
  • -Connecting with power places.
  • -Developing more capability for perception, clairvoyance, clairaudience and other ways of perceiving
  • -Establishing co-creative relationship, partnership with others realities / dimensions of intelligence and existence.

3-purpose: process of personal transformation for the participants. Opening to new levels of understanding and perceiving realities. For personal growth and the understanding of individual’s spiritual destiny.

Practical information:

-Bring tent, sleeping bag, mat and blanket, cushion eventually (we camp in a nice small piece of land in front of the beach, it can be chilly in the evening, and have mosquito friends at dawnJ)

-We share the food and cost, cook and cleaning

-Mention when you contact me for special diet, since there is no fridge, the menu is mostly vegetarian based.

-Bring rattle or drum of you have

-Reading books from Machaelle Small Wright will really help you to access and accelerate the learning curve. So highly recommended.

-The retreat doesn’t have costs per-se, but count 15 € per day for food/maintenance. Although there is a donation box for the upgrading of the land and camping conditions (shelter, lamps, diverse materials..), so donation are welcome but not obligatory.

-The place:

google map

-Boat time schedule:,51

What did people experienced?

“The island experience / summer retreat was an intense way of gathering and getting to know other dimensions of self and reality within the frame of a group and nature: forming a structure larger than the self, sharing abilities and skills in healing and sensory perception, meeting inner and outer worlds, practising with intuition and discovering inner knowledge and magic tools./*thanks sylvain to make that happen, hugs and hope to share more soon live, laia* (Spain, Belgium)


ce que j’aime dans ces expériences iles d’aixoises…

j’aime bien le fait de questionner la nature pour savoir ce que l’on doit faire de nos journées plutôt que de réfléchir à ce qui est bien de faire ou non. L’objet des expériences n’est pas toujours centré sur nous, ce que je trouve fort . On “oeuvre” pour le monde, la vie, le minérale, le végétale, l’animale. Ca me plait de chercher à s’inscrire dans le tout et de ne pas forcément en faire l’analyse.

Johann (France)

[what I like about these experiences on the island…

I like the fact that we question nature to know what we have to do during the day rather than thinking what would be good to do or not. The focus of the experience is not always centred upon us, which I found strong. We “work” for the world, life, the mineral, the vegetal, the animal. I like to be part of the whole without necessary analysing it. Johann]