Shamanic Dance

This workshop comes as a development of the teachings and ceremonies I received from Dancing Thunder over the years and through my personal connection with Nature and Spirit guides.

On the first day, we prepare ourselves. It implies some explanations of the Medicine Wheel, and the wind directions. Later we do a physical preparation, opening our awareness and body tissues with specifics sounds, breaths and movements.

The next four days, we will do a physical preparation using sounds, breath and movement. After that, we will have a ceremony, each day, invoking the totem animals connected with the wind direction. We will go from North to West.

These dances will be accompany through Drumming ceremonies.

They will give you opportunities to recognise the power animals that accompany you through your life, to feel them,to hear their wisdom and to embody their physical and energetical gifts.

These dancing ceremonies are rather safe rituals, gently helping the opening of our earthly connection with Nature.

All levels welcomed, no pre-requisite background in dance is necessary.

flyer shamanic dance 2014