Co-creative approaches

This is a list of main ressources that support co-creative approaches:

I have been using Flower Essences, And all sort of Elixirs since 2004, but in 2007, I discovered MAP [medical assistance program of Perelandra] by pioneer co-creative scientist Machaelle Small Wright.

At the Perelandra garden, she pioneered products and working methods for gardening, project, health, providing “Real solutions for today’s health and environment”. It was the beginning of a life changing learning curve about Nature and co-creative partnership between human intelligences and nature intelligence, which still goes on today for me. I recommend all the books from Machaelle Small Wright, especially the autobiography of her spiritual expansion, “Behaving as if the God in all life mattered”, “Dancing in the shadow of the moon” , and the book “Co-creative Science”.


This is perelandra

The Lorian Association with the work of David Spangler, Incarnational Spirituality represents  an amazing body of knowledge providing books, teachings and classes for understanding co-creation with subtle realms such as in “subtle activism”.


Marcel Vogel and his work with Crystals and energy healing provided a brand new view and an amazing scientific knowledge about working with shaped crystals, named Vogel crystal. Working with Vogel crystals is a great opportunity to learn and engage with co-creativity as a partnership between levels of human consciousness and levels of Nature through the presence of Crystal Consciousness.

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