Co-creative awareness

What is co-creative awareness?

“Co-creation is a level of awareness involving a collaborative process or partnership between a human intelligence with another source of intelligence, for manifesting or materialising something new.”

And concretely?

The approaches presented on this website inquire co-creative awareness as a partnership between a human being and some other types of intelligences, such as nature intelligences, other forms of living consciousness, or non incarnated human consciousness, and all what is in between, above and below these categories.

The world we live in is formed by Nature, comprising many layers of differentiated and interconnected levels [such as microbes, cellular activity, atomic interactions, organic processes like photosynthesis, weather and environmental events], the list is endless.

We assume that there are intelligences that animate and orchestrate all this levels into Eco-systems and towards the maintenance of wholeness.

We also assume that there are intelligences, entities or energies we can perceive and others that go beyond our five senses. It all depends on the source of intelligences and their perspective, function and purpose as a part of the whole; the “whole” being a State of Balance and Coherency that allows the universe to exist without too much distortion.

It’s about experiencing, relating, connecting and engaging with the larger web of life through its differentiated levels in order to expand knowledge and consciousness.

Why are we looking for co-creative awareness?

There are many reasons why we could be interested or curious about other types of intelligences that are present around us.

*One is, despite our capacity to perceive, being aware of it or not; we are part of the whole play of interactions and interconnectiveness that maintain life on earth. We can see how we impact the planet in monstrous and sometime beautiful ways. And we can see how environments inform and shape our health, behaviour and feelings, whether they are local, cultural, social, natural, artificial etcetera. How can we support a friendly, loving, life enhancing environment within and around us?

*Another reason is health and growth, which are two dynamics in the human evolution, resulting and depending on a dynamic State of Balance. How to maintain balance in our actions, creations and manifestations?

* A last reason mentioned in this introduction, is for the mind to learn about the human specie and itself. Who are we on these different levels of activities and existences? What can we learn from the views of different sources of intelligence or other levels of consciousness? How can we be sovereign of our own beings if we don’t actually know that we are interrelated with the whole?

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