Sylvain Méret Twirling Milkyway

In 2013, during a sweat lodge ceremony with Chief Dancing Thunder, I was given a shamanic name by the Spirit. From the voice of eternity I heard Twirling Milkyway.

Before, born in France, Sylvain Meret has an eclectic curriculum in Visual Arts (BA), Contemporary Dance (p.a.r.t.s.) and Dance Therapy (MA). Since 1998, Sylvain has been active as a performer, choreographer and teacher, working in a range of contemporary and experimental styles, collaborating with many different artists in Europe and Asia. Along side his dance carrier, he was drawn to enter the inner realms of “the bodies” and to explore the creative and spiritual potential that lies within us.

Sylvain was educated in Shamanism with Chief dancing Thunder, Continuum with Emilie Conrad, Qi Gong with Master Li Jung Feng, “The moving cycle” with Christine Caldwell, master in Dance Therapy, Reiki, Anatomy Trains, Feldenkrais, BMC©…

He now teaches workshops, classes, retreats and private sessions using a broad range of modalities such as Continuum Movement®, co-creative partnership based on Perelandra’s research, dance therapy, shamanic healing, dance rituals or channeling. Sylvain has worked with a variety of clients and groups on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues in different countries and cultures.

Sylvain is a contemporary dancer, Continuum Movement® teacher, dance therapist and spiritual seeker. Living in France and traveling the world, He strives to explore the landscape of co-creativity with the “original field of consciousness” inside our human experience, through embodiment, direct communication and direct knowledge bringing forth self-empowerment.