Sylvain Méret

My name is Sylvain Meret, I am a movement artist and therapist RSMT.

The word “SOMA-NAUT” defines well the broad range of personal and professional activities that get me going. My journey is one of embodiment, my body being a crossroad to experience our multidimensional nature. I am excited and honored to share what I have come to learn and to further co-create, with each individual I meet, a more profound way into existence.


Coming from an eclectic curriculum in Visual Arts (BA), Contemporary Dance (p.a.r.t.s.) , somatic and Dance Therapy (Master degree), Sylvain has been active as a dance performer, choreographer and teacher, working in a range of contemporary and experimental styles, collaborating with many different artists in Europe and Asia. His dance & movement carrier is the foundation upon which he explores the inner realms of the Body and the creative and spiritual potential that lies within us.

Sylvain studied a wide range of somatic, therapeutic and spiritual modalities. He is currently a board member of ISMETA.

He is a Continuum teacher member of the CTA, Continuum wellspring practitioner member of the CTA, a “Moving cycle” practitioner (C. Caldwell), and a dance therapist, member of Ismeta. He has a background in Qi Gong with Master Li Jung Feng, BMC® and Feldenkrais. He follows a spiritual journey with Chief dancing Thunder since 2009.

Sylvain teaches workshops, classes, retreats and private sessions with a variety of clients and groups on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. Living in France and traveling the world, his endeavor is to explore our human potential through embodiment in connection and co-creative partnership with the field of Intelligences weaving our reality. Through his own embodiment journey between art, dance, movement, awareness and therapy, his vision is to create more bridges between fields and categories for a more unified understanding of what it means to be a human being at this time.

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Photo: Cécile Audoin