Riding the Dragons: Continuum Movement® and Embodiment

When: June 24-28  2019 (details below)

Where: Bioresonačné  Bratislava Slovakia

Biorezonančné Centrum

Pluhová 42, 83103 Bratislava
Contact: Martin Duris, martin.duris82@gmail.com , 00421 949 141 025

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Riding the Dragons

An exploration based on Continuum, and somatic embodiment.

Our existence is based upon experiencing the relationship between our physical body, our emotions, our mind and our extended self. These 4 dimensions converge within the term embodiment, the capacity to experience the world through this lens. Sometime we feel limited in that capacity, like our physiology doesn’t quite contain our experiences. These 4 layers interact with each other’s at all times; they constantly exchange information, which is what we experience as state shifts. When we have a strong mental experience, our emotions, our physiology and even our higher self are affected. When the experience is owned and integrated we move forward, when it is not, it becomes a “waiting” memory before it is released at a proper time.
For instance, have you ever experienced your emotions driving you? Taking all your energy, your mental ability to think, and throwing you away from a balanced healthy state of living? The Dragon is running the show throwing the rider off.
This is often due to a physiological limitation of our nervous system to own and integrate an experience. It often comes back to the nervous system capacity to cope. This is all the development of our physiology as human specie within the context of how life on earth appeared and developed until now.
Maybe traumatic memories, or repressed anger, are breaking down our capacity to remain the rider, the one able to sustain and integrate the experience without falling off.
Somatic based approaches in therapy and education are excellent practices to offer regulatory pathways between different functions of the nervous system. They allow us to experience deep physiological changes in slow meditative states; we cultivate an open attention to our physiological and subtle sensations. We develop awareness, allowing the intelligences at work on the planetary level to be more conscious to us.
By accessing the body resources and wisdom in the particular framework of embodiment we can reset these limitations that mark our unique history and culture, so we are not driven by them. We develop ways to function with more resiliency , to be engaged with the world not on a fear based relationship but upon living fully these 4 dimensions with acceptance and curiosity. 🙂


From 24th June to 28th June 2019

Price: 350 Euro


Each day from 9:00-17:00 ( a lunch break 90 minutes)


Martin Duris, martin.duris82@gmail.com, 00421 949 141 025

Please send deposit 50 euros to this bank account:
Martin Duris / MBank
IBAN: SK20 8360 5207 0042 0287 4302
Bank Code: 8360

About facilitators:

Sylvain Meret

Coming from an eclectic curriculum in Visual Arts (BA), Contemporary Dance (p.a.r.t.s.) , somatic and Dance Therapy (Master degree), Sylvain has been active as a performer, choreographer and teacher, working in a range of contemporary and experimental styles, collaborating with many different artists in Europe and Asia. Along side his dance carrier, he was drawn to enter the inner realms of the Body and to explore the creative and spiritual potential that lies within us.
Sylvain studied a wide range of somatic, therapeutic and spiritual modalities. He is a continuum Movement® teacher, wellspring practitioner, “Moving cycle” practitioner (C. Caldwell), and dance therapist, member of Ismeta.. He has a background in Qi Gong with Master Li Jung Feng, BMC® and Feldenkrais and has been initiated to Shamanism with Chief dancing Thunder since 2009. He is currently studying with Amber Gray in her program for survivors of trauma.
Sylvain teaches workshops, classes, retreats and private sessions with a variety of clients and groups on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. Living in France and traveling the world, His endeavor is to explore our human potential through embodiment in connection and co-creative partnership with the field of Intelligences weaving our reality.
“ The real gift of this work, which emphasizes an opening to direct communication and direct knowledge, is to reclaim our bodies, sensations and consciousness to further our sovereignty and self-empowerment”. S.M.

www.co-creative-awareness.org www.sylvainmeret.com

Martin Duris

is a movement/dance therapist, cranio-sacral therapist and somatic coach. He graduated in 2010 with a Health & Physical Activity Foundation Degree (FdA) from the Bolton University in the UK. This program utilizes the health promoting principles of sport, fitness, physical activity, nutrition and psychology – to prevent and alleviate a number of conditions. As well as these scientific elements, the course also included aspects of sports and health policy, coaching and health promotion strategy. Martin finished the Svastha Yoga Therapy Programme – advanced teacher training in 2014 and continues studying with Dr. Ganesh Mohan and Dr. Günter Niessen. The highlight of Svastha yoga´s approach is clarity and holistic approach. Combining traditional yoga with a wide spectrum of modern medicine and ayurveda. He is a student of Grof´s Transpersonal Training which combines the Holotropic Breathwork and Transpersonal psychology, he is a certified holotropic breathwork facilitator.
He continues to share his knowledge with other people, runs a private somatic coaching and therapy, and is conducting different courses, workshops and seminars – focusing on the combination of embodiment, yoga, martial arts, dance, cranio-sacral therapy and health promotion.