“Bridging worlds” shamanic journeying through sounds, breath and movement 25-27 July, Ile d’Aix with Sylvain Twirling Milkyway

“Bridging worlds” shamanic journeying through sounds, breath and movement

25-27 July with Sylvain Twirling Milkyway

This 3 days immersion into the realms of sounds, breath, movement and rituals will be the gateways to access deep wisdom through the inner body portals. We will use rituals of perception and awareness to move through the layers of our ancestry as human being connected with the vastness of the cosmos and all its life forms. We are literally composed of the many layers of species evolution here on earth and more largely throughout the Cosmos. By accessing the shamanic realms of the body, we aim to reach the portals, keys and symbols for deep healing, transformation and spiritual knowledge of where we come from.

We will have a small group of participants with the requirement of having some experience in somatic based practices, shamanism or other spiritual knowledge with a capacity to sustain a deep concentration and a level of awareness.

The practice will be on-going during the 3 days of exploration with moment of integration and relaxation to enjoy the island. Some practice will occur at night.

The sessions will be initiated by Sylvain Twirling Milkyway in cooperation with each participants of the group.

More info: sylvainmeret21@gmail.com www.co-creative-awareness.org

(150€ + shared costs) (Max 7 participants who have experiences either with body work, Continuum or shamanistic practices)

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