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Co-Creative Awareness Summer Projects in Ile D’Aix 2017

We are almost celebrating 10 years of summer retreats in Ile d’Aix and this year many different projects are about to happen. You’re welcome to join these events.

Summer co-creative retreat 9-12 July (arrival on the 8th , we will finish on the 12th in the afternoon, departure from the 13th) (max 10 participants) shared costs

– “Bridging worlds” shamanic journeying through sounds, breath and movement 25-27 July with Sylvain Meret (150€)+ shared costs (max 7 participants)

Summer co-creative retreat 29 July – 1st August (max 10 participants) shared costs

“From Form to Formless” summer retreat With Jihae Ko, Kay Patru, Chris Leuenberger 3-10 august (390€-440€) (max 10 participants)

Continuum Movement® intensive with Sylvain Meret 21-26 august (300€) + shared costs (max 7 participants)

General information:

Co-Creative Awareness projects in Ile d’Aix, a small island situated in front of La Rochelle on the Atlantic side, is a local project, initiated by Sylvain Meret on the land of his ancestors. Since 2008 we have created over the years with small group of people, a partnership with the Nature Intelligence of the Island. This framework is based upon Machaelle Small Wright research on “Co-Creative Sciences”. You can look at her work and books here.

We have two spots where the different activities take place: a beautiful land called “Montresor” in front of the beach where we camp and eat with the larger group, and a small studio space for body work and rituals on the side of my house. We have couple rooms to rent in the house when needed.

On the land of Montresor, We have a small kitchen where we share the cooking and cleaning. Running water and nice spots to sleep. You can bring your tent, mattress, sleeping bags (we have few tents, mattress and sleeping bags as well). The food is mainly organic and vegetarian and we alternate team to have a smooth stay where the entire logistic tasks are shared.

Two routes are possible to come to the island: by train or flight to La Rochelle then a boat from La Rochelle (15 min walk from the train station) or via Bordeaux airport, then a train to Rochefort then a bus to Fouras la Fumée. Be aware of the boat schedule that change every day. You can arrive the day before the workshop or the retreat and leave the day after. You can ask if there is some availability to extend your stay on the island.

Some projects are co-creation based, which means the information we receive comes from Nature and the Human Collective Consciousness, in this case we share the costs for food and maintenance. The costs are usually between 12€ and 15€ per day in camping and between 22 € and 45€ per day in shared room or private room.

Some projects are taught by teachers, in this case there is a price for each workshop + the costs for the food and accommodation. For any questions about the logistic, accommodation and travel, ask Sylvain sylvainmeret21@gmail.com

France, Charente Maritime, Ile d'Aix before the Fort Boyard and Oleron island (aerial view)