“Pollination, Fertilisation, Creation” 8-14 August 2016 Ile d’Aix, FR


As part of this series of events about Co-creation, Sylvain, who is a Continuum Movement practitioner and a Continuum teacher in training is offering this special retreat.

What is Continuum Movement? Learn here

It will be 7 days of practice from Monday 8 august at 11am until Sunday 14 august 12am. We will practice between 4 and 6 hours per day in a small but nice studio space, with a all-nighter from the 6th to 7th day. These classes will be sometime recorded for the video assessment by the Continuum teacher board. The retreat will be taught in english with possible translation in french.

The theme for this 7 days is about The masculine and the feminine play of interaction and creationIt will unfold as:

3 days insemination {Pollination}

3 days fecundation {fertilization}

1 day birth {creation}

The retreat can host 8 participants maximum with Continuum experience.

There is no particular cost for it as it is a practicum for a teaching assessment, if you can and feel like donation are welcome.

Accommodation: 3 people can be in the house: 1 shared room [2 people] 1 room with double bed [participation 20 € per night], in the working space [5 € per night] or camping [5 € per night].

Food: around 12 €/day in collective cooking

To sign up send an email to sylvainmeret21@gmail.com

Practical info to come to Ile d’Aix on demand.


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