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Summer retreat 2015 Ile d’Aix FR

Soon, we have our next Summer retreat 2015, Ile d’Aix, 17123 France

Dates: 1-2 August, (3)-4-5 August 2015

Co-creative practices Love and Communication from Nature perspective

Intentional content of the 4 days:

1-Definition: a retreat in Ile d’Aix, for opening our awareness to the understanding of nature intelligences and co-creative processes around the concepts of Love and Communication.

2- direction:

– Creating a safe and supporting learning environment.

-Teachings co-created from nature intelligences and from human consciousness.

-Connecting with the new spiritual energies, spirituals ancestors and animal spirits of this time. -Connecting with power places.

-Activating our human potential for co-creative partnership.

-Establishing partnership with others realities / dimensions of intelligence and existence.

-Co-creating good and friendly conditions for this gathering

-Mastering new skills according to everyone’s spiritual gifts in pursuing our spiritual path.

-Spiritual cleansing of the old beliefs and behavioral patterns.

3-purpose: process of personal transmission from the higher realms. Cleansing of old beliefs. Updating the understanding of realities. For our personal growth and the understanding of our spiritual destiny. Process of empowerment. To bring this knowledge out into the world. To transform ourselves into higher functioning beings.

The intent is to offer a frame that will profit individuals’ own development through experiencing the co- creative relationship with Nature.

Here definition of Nature from Machaelle Small Wright:


The setting is based on a Coning (a strange name for a simple setting linking Human consciousness and Nature intelligences) read more here: Conings-W68.aspx

This gathering is free, it is not a workshop, everyone is responsible for his or her own need, we are limited to 13 people, we cook and share cost for food, we can camp and gather in a private terrain. Contact me for more info.

Travel info: trains to La Rochelle or Rochefort, Flight from Brussel Chareloi with Ryanair to La Rochelle, ferry to Ile d’Aix from Fouras or La Rochelle.

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