What is Continuum?


Pioneering in the somatic field, Continuum was developed over the last 45 years by Emilie Conrad (1934-2014).

Emilie pioneered an innovative  research about the fluid aspects of the human body, which hasn’t been fully studied yet in western science. By looking at bodily tissues and their behaviour, she could sense that a form of intelligence was moving though our body in the same way that it is moving through all nature’s kingdoms. From the embryonic shape to the rivers meandering on the planet and to the spirals of our galaxy, the same operatus of forms, a  bio-intelligence at work. A reality of wave motions, undulations, pulsations and spirals shapes our universe by constantly breathing into everything that exists.

Continuum is a somatic approach contacting the field of bio-intelligence with specific breaths, sounds, and awareness. Breaths, sounds and awareness are the universal mediums for  engaging with the fluid nature of tissues. Taping into the field of bio-intelligence allow our body and our spirit to reconnect with their fluid nature. We become more resonant and therefor more tuned with ourselves and our environment. We connect as well with the source of life; the regenerating and rejuvenating element in the universe: Water.cropped-water-art-3.jpg

Immersion in water symbolises a return to the pre formal, a total regeneration, a new birth, for immersion means a dissolution of forms, a reintegration into the formlessness of pre-existence; and emerging from the water is a repetition of the act of creation in which form was first expressed.” Micea Eliade, Patterns in comparative religions.

Continuum is an on-going exploration based on “living principles” constantly asking for new questions that are relevant to the state of our world, the “Tonal” of societies:

– How can we maintain health and harmony? How can we move away from illnesses, burned out, traumatic experiences? How can we continue to evolve as a specie in a mutating world, climate and environmental changes? How can we be fully alive, awake, nourished and connected with all that exists?

Continuum inquires the reconnection with the mystery of our past on this planet and beyond, it is a profound spiritual experience.

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Continuum changed my life

Continuum plays a major part in my life, and in my work as a dancer, teacher and dance therapist. It has open my understanding of movement, its sacred nature, and its intrinsic healing properties.

I have experienced personally how Continuum could shift and heal chronic pains and injuries. I can genuinely report that if I can still dance professionally to this day it is mainly because of the integration of Continuum in my practice. Continuum is as well a spiritual adventure where I can dwell into the Mystery of Creation.

I studied with Emilie Conrad, the founder of Continuum, intensively for 5 years and I attended her last series of workshops and classes. In January 2014, I asked her to become an authorised teacher, unfortunately this process was interrupted with her passing on 14/04/2014. I have been certified by the Continuum Movement board in 2017.

I am very grateful for Emilie’s initiatory teachings, the sharing of her visionary perspective about movement, the human body, and the evolution of Life on Land.

Sylvain is an active member of the Continuum Teacher Association

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